1975 Teddy Bear Help Identify Me

A 1970's childhood teddy bear. Looks like he was well loved.
Can anyone help identify this 19975 teddy bear and bring back some fond childhood memories?

1990 Gund - HELP

IS this a 1990's Gund Teddy Bear?

Help me identify my dear teddy bear friend.

I am a 19 year old woman with autism and I also have a severe panic and anxiety problem. I cannot sleep at night without my teddy bear.

CAn anyone help?

Search For a Long Lost Friend

Lovely white teddy bear from the 1990's. Did you have one similar?

Help Me Identify These Two Old teddy Bears

Two lovely old teddy bears. Any ideas of their make? The owner would love to know more about them. Please click through and let them know if you have any ideas. Thank you

Autistic Boy Loses Best Friend a.k.a. Mr. Teddybones

Can anyone help find another bear like this?

Old or Gold Teddy Bear?

Cute brown teddy bear in a red suit.

White Teddy Bear From Austria Can You Help Identify This Bear?

I have a white teddy bear too. They do seem to be rarer than other colours. Does anyone recognize this bear and can help the owner?

I want to know if my where my bears come from

Cute. They do look fairly modern though. It might be hard to find there maker. Any ideas anyone?

Scottish Rescue Bear

A Scottish Teddy Bear. Bet his name is Jock?

17" mohair growler teddy bear

A growler teddy bear. Love the way the feet stick out don't you?

Swedish Bear?

This is the first Swedish teddy bear I have had on my site.

Long Lost Bear

A more modern bear this time. But he is sadly missed. Can anyone help find another?

My Teddy Bear From Too Long Ago

Look at this lovely old bear from the 1950's. Have you seen one like him?

Brown Bear with Shirt Seeking His History

Love the gingham shirt look. :)

Old Inherited Bear

Cute bear

Is This A Steiff Bear?

What do you think?

Sundress Teddy Bear With Pink Bows On Ears

I'm not usually a fan of dressing up teddy bears. But I must admit this bear looks very cute in her dress.

Threadbare Ted and Battered Dog Toys

I love old bears and toys don't you. Brings back so many memories.

Bear With A Haunting Face.

Possibly Australian. Do you know this teddy bear?

A bear that survived Nazi Germany


This bear survivied Nazi Germany and was used to smuggle out gold.


Love a panda :-)

Valentine Gifts On A Budget

What are you doing for Valentines Day this Year?
This page has some great ideas.

Merrythought God Bless Mummy Micro Bear

I have a Merrythought 'God Bless Mummy Micro' Bear.
I inherited him from my Grandma, along with a modest collection.
This bear in particular sat on the shelf in my bedroom at my Grandma's house. - See more at: http://www.totallyteddybears.com/merrythought-god-bless-mummy-micro-bear.html

Timeline Photos

Below is the information I know about my bear and I hope I have included enough info for you.
Jointed - neck, shoulders and legs. All can rotate completely.
No visible tag(s) - He has one gold tone button on the outside of the left ear but it does not go all way through the back of ear. - See more at: http://www.totallyteddybears.com/jointed-bear-with-button-in-ear.html

Timeline Photos

I do hope you can help: I have what I think is an unusual teddy bear.
I bought him a few years ago because I'd never seen a bear like him and so would love to know more about his manufacture. - See more at: http://www.totallyteddybears.com/unusual-golden-bear.html#sthash.3heH20nc.dpuf

Alice's Bear Shop

Looking good :-)

Bisson Bears

Love teddy bears :-)

Aerlinn Bears

Gorgeous :-)

Who has seen the new Paddington bear movie. http://www.totallyteddybears.com/paddington-bear.html

Alice's Bear Shop

Lovely old bear.will be good to seeing him back to his full glory :-)

Hugs Unlimited

Groovy Man

BrĂș Bears

Adorable :)

Paddington Bear

So who's going to go on the Paddington Bear Trail then? :)

This Sweet Old Bear Was a Find at the Bargain Barn!

Love this golden haired bear. Do you recognize his maker?